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Leadership training is an intensified, evolutionary, and continuous process designed to offer local leaders the opportunity and assistance in developing strategies suitable for effective representation in their local. It provides the Union Representative with the skills necessary in meeting the needs and expectations of members, since it is often the Union Representative who is the first person a member seeks for advice, consultation, and guidance.

Through leadership training, Union Representatives acquire knowledge and become familiar with resources available to the union member, and therefore, are able to council them and/or make appropriate recommendations for action. Leadership training offers Union Representatives the opportunity to become proficient representatives of the membership by providing them with specific and concentrated training sessions to learn and improve the skills necessary for successful performance of the responsibilities of a Union Representative.

2016-2017 Events

September 15Frontline Workshop INassau Regional OfficeFor Building Representatives
October 29Fall Leadership ConferenceHuntington Hilton, MelvilleFor Building Representatives
November 2Frontline Workshop IINassau Regional OfficeFor Building Representatives
February 11Winter Leadership ConferenceCrest Hollow Country ClubFor Building Representatives
March 1Post State of the StateTBAFor Any Member
March 3-4Health & Safety ConferenceHilton, Saratoga SpringsFor Any Member
March 16Labor Movement and History WorkshopNassau Regional OfficeFor Any Member
June 6Tenure WorkshopNassau Regional OfficeFor Building Representatives